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One of the best films of January 2019 was the film "Remember Me", created by the great director Christophe Jeauffroythis is his debut work. The script was created by the equally famous Rafa Russo, previous work «La decisión de Julia», «Let me survive»

The film «Remember Me» was filmed by Create Entertainment

The main actors were Bruce Dern as Claude, 1936 year of birth, the success of which brought the role in White Boy Rick, and Caroline Silhol as Lilian the famous film is Making Plans for Lena

After discovering his old flame now has Alzheimer's, a hopelessly in love widower fakes his way into her senior living community in an effort to reunite with her.

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Kyle Kirchhevel:
Seems I'm on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Sigh.  Hope this gets on to BBC America or PBS before I'm as old as Tom Parfitt, but I'm not holding my breath.  I watched Wipers Times on Youtube and waited over a year for the Brazil series and bought it on bluray before it ever aired in the US.  Hope it's a huge hit over there in the UK!
Bryan Braddock:
Looks interesting, but why does everything half decent these days have to be stretched out to 3 or more parts? There may be more to it than the trailer suggests, and the extra screen time could be necessary to tell a satisfying story but from the preview this looks like it would have been perfect as a 90 min TV movie.
manga guy's amv's:
Yorkshireman don't sound like that, as usual same old fuck'd up accent that get's used in more or less every fucking show. why not use are real dialect's instead of the shitty so called fake British accent, that came from shitty adequacy class's. adequacy can fuck off to france.   
Zsna u:
Saw the first ep. Loved the tension and the way they set up the plot.
Mira Marity:
I really would like to know who is singing this magical version of Scarborough Fair... Try to search it already, but no found... :( Please help me!
Roi Davidsen:
the woman in red is so silly, and the way she moves. this is just like The Ring, but without any scary woman.
Jack Merz:
The only reason I clicked on this because I thought it was doctor who related. "Run you clever boy and REMEMBER ME."
Beautiful Life:
The girl overreacted every scene and never stopped whimpering it was too distracting
Miffed by negative comments. Seen all 3 now and won't give it away but it was very spooky, very emotive and the performances were out of the top draw/drawer - I've never known! Best thing on the beeb in a time
Ali CG:
Ooooh looks interesting, don't see Michael Palin acting often. WHEN'S IT ON?
oooooo this looks good!