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«MAL-MO-E: The Secret Mission» - film of 2019, by producer and screenwriter Eom Yu-nathis is his debut work

The production of the film «MAL-MO-E: The Secret Mission» was engaged by the company 더 램프㈜

The film features actors are Yoo Hae-jin as Kim Pan-su the famous film is A Taxi Driver, and Yoon Kye-sang as Ryu Jung-hwan, whose best film was 범죄도시

Film description: During the Japanese occupation, two men travel across the country compiling the first Korean language dictionary.

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우리말사전을 만드는데 어린이,여자,노인은 없고 남자들의 말만 모았나봐요? 실제로는 어떘어요?
문재이니가 만들라고 시키드나
Rjwj Ui:
개나소나 영화를 만들지만 개나소나 영화를 평가하지
간악한 쪽빠리들많네
yotube name 's:
앞부분은 미스터 선샤인처럼 진지한 영환데 뒷부분 보고 개그영화라 보는마음 조금 떨어짐 개인적으로 이런 일제 내용은 진지한게 좋던데
입닥쳐 말모이!!!