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After going down in the fifth round, boxer Bud Gordon bowed out of the limelight. Now residing in a fixer-upper apartment in New Jersey with his girlfriend, Bud longs for his former Manhattan glory. In an effort to get back in the game, he makes a deal with a crooked restaurateur. But quick schemes rarely bring easy pay-offs and as the consequences of his business negotiations unfold, Bud has to make a choice between his integrity and his aspirations.

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Clearly some more illuminati shit: 1)"I will ILLUMINIZE your world"-clearly some weird shit, illuminize isn't even a word. 2) that hit,an wearing the pentagram in a circle necklace ie the most well known satanic symbol. These are just the two most obvious and unmistakable examples...
Dougie Sealy:
college humor offices at 1:07 ?
Nigel Salvador:
Corey Stoll doesn't seem convincing enough for this role to me. :-(
Underrated movie.Haven't even seen this on lists.
Shud have called this movie GLASS JAW..............cause that's just wat it looks like.
Dario P.:
Geezus Cory Stoll looks a lot like Peter Sarsgaard but bald