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Ser Swig:
Does every black musician secretly wanna act ? we’ve got Will smith who’s great but LL Cool J. common. Ti. 50cent. ludicrous. tyrese. ice T. ice Cube. Jamie Fox. Mariah Carey.. chris brown & will i Am..Rihanna prob pays to be in movies she’s so bad.. the list goes on but snoop? thought he was better than a wacky game show host
Ghasem Kharatha:
This movie is suks dont waste your time
mad max with a slight twist!
Cida Lopez:
a movie about a gay robot.
Trident Remixes:
Awful cinematography... Why did Lionsgate buy this.
Saw this crap last night
Roland Coreus:
This movies a great reason to make Max even more Made.
mikey mouse:
ill pass
Julio Augusto:
Watched it yesterday. It's not that bad. Think indie Mad Max. I highly recommend it if you like Milla Jovovich, she was hilarious in this.
That dislike button tho..
Didnt waste my time worse